After attending the TEXWORLD’s Trend Stylesight seminar, we are excited to share the upcoming trends for FALL/WINTER 2014-15 with you. It appears that there are four megatrends for the season. Please read on to learn more!

– The Creative Sourcing International team



Inspiration: Eastern europe crafts with a modern gipsy look. Rich and luxe bohemian
Folk floral motiffs with bright colors and dark backgrounds
Mix of prints and patterns in different scales
Earthy colors for men; brighter colors for women

Subtle textures and patterns in monochromatic colors.
Simple floral patterns, like growing from weeds
Add volume with wools, furs, felts
Casual look for mens
Soft pinks, pale greens, light beige and graysDARK ROMANCE
Inspiration: retro futuristic fantasy world (zombies, vampires, dark medieval)
Also sophisticated punk-goth look
Shiny treatments for women. Subtle prints for men specially incorporated into lining.
Knits, velvet and velour, lace or printed chiffon, quilts with padding.
Deep black, purple, metallics and dark grays

Inspiration: colors and patters from the 80’s and 90’s. Caricatures
Joy, new optimism, fun and subversive
Color and fabric blocking, bold prints and patterns
Bright, saturated and vibrant colors. Blues, blacks, greens and yellows for men